Support automation

chat bot solutions and integration

increase service quality by automating user communication with artificial intelligence

aplixa develops chat bot solutions and integrates it into existing system and service landscape. We leverage the power of Azure Cloud and combine it with artificial intelligence from Microsoft Cognitive Services.

key benefits

leverage a bot framework for these benefits

reduced processing times

The bot serves as an informational bot and speeds up conversation with the user by giving the right answer on the spot. Frequent use cases can be implemented, so the bot serves as digital assistant without need for human support at all.

increased user experience

The bot is available 24/7 in consistent high quality and the user does not have to wait until a human operator is available.

up to 80% lesser support costs

by automating common tasks. This also frees up human support agents to handle more complex cases and give users a more individual support where necessary.

make your business case

The bot can assist users and employees in various scenarios from giving relevant information to achieving common tasks.

  • Support - give relevant information, navigate the web site, assist in logon process
  • Internal Help Desk - report incidents, create tickets, assist in technical issues
  • HR - assist in common HR related processes like vacation, illness, schedule meetings
  • Marketing - push notifications and promotions across the complete customer journey
  • Logistics - schedule and track shipments, predictive ordering


To make the bot framework more useful we integrate it into existing platforms, databases and 3rd party software like ticketing systems and CRM. The bot can communicate via various channels like chat, Skype and other messengers.

development steps

from QnA to digital assistant

  interaction intelligence integration
Level 3 multi language
multi channel
self learning
natural language processing
case based interaction
Level 2 human handoff state machine
sentiment analysis
proactive bot
Level 1 1 channel
1 language
questions and answers
menu and word based
connected to backend APIs

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